DHA provides professional, registered land surveying and mapping services in Washington with occasional trips outside the Pacific Northwest for The Boeing Company.  The firm’s skilled staff practice pride in excellence and cost effective services to clients with the following surveying and mapping needs:

  • Geodetic Control with DHA’s Trimble GPS Satellite Survey Systems
  • Precision Leveling Employing Leica NA Series Electronic Barcode Technology
  • Topographic Mapping using Electronic Total Stations and GPS Surveying Systems
  • Wetland Location and Land Slide Mapping
  • Construction Staking Employing Client’s Design Plans and Digital Design Files
  • As-Built Surveying and Drawing Services
  • Legal Boundary, Cadastral Surveys and ALTA’s
  • Boundary Line Adjustments and Platting Services
  • Targeting and Control for Photogrammetric Services
  • Automated Mapping and GIS Services
  • Flood Plain Mapping and River Channel Sections Employing GPS Technology
  • Drainage Basin Mapping for Surface Water Management and NPDES Permitting
  • Database Mapping for Hazardous Waste Spill Control Management
  • Aircraft Compass Rose Calibration and Geomagnetic Surveys
  • Certified Alignment and Settlement Monitoring

The firm employs state of the art equipment and facilities to maintain maximum work efficiency.  DHA’s surveyors are required to take continuing education with global positioning systems, legal surveying, electronic instrumentation, and hazardous waste and safety training.

DHA‘s survey crew trucks are fully equipped with robotic total stations, electronic data collectors, optical and electronic leveling, utility locators, radios, and cell phones.  Each crew unit has the WSDOT regulations with required set of traffic cones, flags, signs and delineators for street and highway work.  All crew personnel receive annual BSNF railroad certification safety training for working railroad right of ways.  All DHA crews are E-Rail Certified.  The crew’s local work area runs from Everett to Tacoma and from Puget Sound to the foothills of the Cascade Mountains, with occasional trips to Eastern Washington.  The firm is licensed to practice land surveying in Washington.

The firm’s office facilities include a network of high speed CAD stations.  The field data collectors are downloaded daily from TDS, TSC-1 and Lieca data collectors via civil/survey software for compilation in current versions of AutoCAD.

DHA’s cartographers perform automated mapping and database management for commercial, industrial and municipal clientele.  DHA maintains and manages The Boeing Company’s Puget Sound facilities database that includes topography, planimetry, property boundaries, utilities, drainage basins, and roadways.



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