Northshore Utility District (NUD)                         (425) 398-4422
Mr. Dave Kaiser, P.E.

Continued on-call contract with NUD providing professional land surveying services for land acquisition, easement analysis and location and topographic mapping services.  DHA provides water system sewer as-built surveys, extending Washington State Plane North Zone coordinates, to the new installed water and sewer components throughout the Lake Forest Park, Kenmore and Kirkland area.

City of Edmonds (COE)                                           (425) 771-0220
Mr. Mike De Lilla, P.E.

On-call contract with COE providing professional land surveying services for land acquisition, easement analysis and location and topographic mapping services.  A few of COE projects include:  Westgate Manor Easement Revision, Edmonds Dayton Street SSMH, Edmonds Tract B Westgate Manor, Talbot Road/Perrinville Creek Phase 3, Woodland Meadows Lot 2 North Staking, Old Woodway Park Staking, Harbor Square, Dayton Street Overlay, Olympic View Drive Right of Way Survey, Edmonds Highway 99/76 Spot Elevations, Dayton Street Plaza Elevations, and Sierra Park Topographic survey.

The Boeing Company                                              (425) 965-2427
Mr. Hans Sorensen, Contracts Manager

Beginning in 1993, DHA began the task of location and mapping of Boeing’s storm water systems to meet federal NPDES requirements.  Boeing’s Plant 2, North Boeing Field, Renton Plant and Everett Facilities are involved.  DHA engaged an aerial mapper to establish the base map.  Field edits gathered the storm structures as-built conditions.  Drainage structures were compiled and maps prepared for the final system storm drainage maps.

Murraysmith                                                       __   (206) 462-7030
Mr. Jake Stick, P.E.

On-call contract with Murraysmith providing professional land surveying services for easement analysis and location and topographic mapping services.  A few of Murraysmith's projects include:  Everett Reservoir Topographic Survey (Phase 1 and 2), Edmonds Sanitary Sewer Upgrade, Kennydale 308 Zone Modifications, AWWD Lift Station 23 Gravity Sewer Topo Survey, Vuecrest Sanitary Sewer Upgrade in Bellevue, Edmonds 2015-2016 Sewer and Watermain Replacement surveys.

HDR One Company                                                    (425) 744-7440
(formerly Pharos Corporation)
Ms. Judith Shulman, President
Mr. Jay Larson, Vice President

Provided right of way location, parcel acquisition maps with taking legals and areas, boundary line adjustments, geodetic densification surveys, land corner monument ties and ownership research necessary to support the 35-miles of Commuter Rail corridor from Seattle to Tacoma.  Staked corners and recorded surveys, as needed, for 141 right of way parcels, including Airport Way along the east boundary of King County International Airport.

PUGET SOUND TRANSIT CONSULTANTS              (206) 267-6515
Mr. Amarjit Marwaha, P.M.

Performed surveying and mapping services for LTR, DS700-755, beginning at the existing downtown transit tunnel and ending at the Tukwila-International Boulevard Station.  Employed static GPS methods to extend geodetic mapping and construction control through the project corridor.   Recovered and tied all WSDOT right of way monuments, Sound Transit control points, and City of Seattle street monuments.  Provided state right of way, platted city boundary line calculation location, ALTA survey support, parcel and right of way acquisition staking and mapping support for the design of the 14-mile light rail transit system.  Base mapping generated in Sound Transit north, central and south zone project datum.  Contract awarded in 1996 and continued through December 2009.  DHA shared 50-percent of its surveying budget with disadvantaged business enterprises.  DHA’s responsibility included project management and progress reporting, and QA/QC of final product document checking.



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