Ground Surveying and Mapping: Provide conventional ground mapping techniques for design quality engineering.  Map the utility paint-outs and locate all utility structures.  Merge ground mapping to establish the project base map in the prescribed tile system.  Prepare elevation point file with break lines from the merged mapping.  Run seamless digital terrain model (DTM) to create contours.  Prepare final base map according to clients CAD drafting and layering standards.

Geodetic Control Surveys:Establish a project control network throughout the project reach via static GPS and electronic leveling technology.

Aerial Control and Mapping: Set aerial targets and extend project coordinates and elevations to the control points using RTK/GPS procedure.  Direct aerial mapping consultant to fly and prepare topographic database via conventional photogrammetry or Lidar scanning procedures.

Right of Way Acquisition Support: Provide right of way acquisition/appraisal support.  Employ RTK/GPS surveying to tie all land monuments that control the route properties.  Prepare right of way plans showing parcel numbers, owners names, existing right of ways, subdivision lotting, section lines and planimetric features from the base maps.  Provide parcel-taking exhibits for each owner.  Write legal descriptions for each parcel with area values before and after take.

Land Surveying: Prepare short plats, boundary line adjustments, ALTA surveys, record of surveys and municipal utilities permit drawings as needed for acquisition and relocation.  Field stake parcels and prepare legal descriptions as required.

Certification and Badges: All DHA field personnel are BNSF E-Rail certified and DHA has a 40-hr certified HAZMAT project surveyor on staff. All DHA staff carry USA photo badges with The Boeing Company.

On-Call Services: Provide supplemental surveys for miscellaneous engineering and construction needs throughout the project schedule.

Safety Plan: DHA complies with OSHA / WISHA Safety & Health Rules & Regulations.  The DHA Safety Plan includes all Project “Contact Notification Processes & Procedures” while conducting field surveying activities.  DHA Project Managers review safety and health requirements with all field surveying personnel as they pre-plan their daily work assignments including the inspection and safe use of all surveying, personal protective, transportation and communication equipment.

DHA’s liability insurance meets industry standards in every area of coverage including professional liability.  A certificate of insurance is available at anytime from our local agent.



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