DHA management begins with a client meeting that clearly identifies the scope of services.  DHA visits the site to determine the degree of difficulty for the field work.  The project manager then researches the public records for existing maps, records of surveys, GLO notes and GIS files.  The records are consolidated and reviewed in sufficient depth to support a proposal.

Next the project manager prepares a detailed work plan, itemized cost estimate and delivery schedule in proposal letter form for the client’s consideration.  Following client acceptance and resultant signed agreement, DHA’s project manager will schedule the work assignments.  Field work is accomplished by the survey crew under the project manager’s on-site direction.  The field measurements are collected electronically and downloaded for the DHA graphics staff.  The CAD drafters proceed to connect the points and produce the final maps, surveys and legal descriptions at the scales, contours and planimetry the client requires.  A preliminary copy of the final product is taken to the site for final edit by the project manager.  Errors and omissions found by the edit are corrected followed by delivery to the client for review and acceptance.

The firm employs state-of-the-art equipment and facilities to maintain maximum work efficiency.  DHA's surveyors are required to take continuing education with global positioning systems, legal surveying, electronic leveling, and hazardous waste and safety training.

DHA’s survey crews are equipped with truck, electronic total stations, electronic data collectors, optical and electronic leveling, utility locators, radios, cell phones and pagers.  Each crew unit has the WSDOT regulations with required set of traffic cones, flags, signs and delineators for street and highway work.  All crew personnel receive annual BNSF safety training certification for working railroad right-of-way.  The crew's daily work area runs from Everett to Tacoma and from Puget Sound to the foothills of the Cascade Mountains with occasional trips to the coast, Eastern Washington and adjoining states.  The firm is licensed to practice in Washington.

DHA complies with OSHA / WISHA Safety & Health Rules & Regulations.  The DHA Safety Plan will include all Project “Contact Notification Processes & Procedures” while conducting field surveying activities.  DHA Project Managers review safety and health requirements with all field surveying personnel as they pre-plan their daily work assignments including the inspection and safe use of all surveying, personal protective, transportation and communication equipment.

Staff safety training, scheduled equipment maintenance, continuing education and consistent field procedures are integral with the Quality Control process.  Double redundancy is integral to Quality Assurance.  All work is independently checked, and then it is independently checked again.  DHA has all of the necessary tools to provide the utmost Quality Control.

The Quality Assurance of our project surveyors makes sure the right tool is used for the right job.  DHA prides itself on the fact that (first) we are safe in the workplace, (second) that we are on time and within budget, and (third) conform to a level of quality higher than expected by our client and the public.



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